Where did the extra couple schollies come from? We’ve always held one or two going into the summer. But there has to be something that allows us as a program some relief from that hard 25. Summer portal entries can kill a roster.The one time waiver for a transfer without having to sit out the year was not forwarded with approval by its working group, and thus is not likely to be aproved for this year.Jus as an aside, remember that it’s only the following sports that prohibit immediate eligibility upon transfer: football, hockey, mens and womens basketball and baseball.

So, all the other sports have been dealing with the one-time waiver in making their rosters for a long time.And none of them make money or have much of a fan base at their games.before caps schools like Texas, Nebraska & Oklahoma would routinely take 65-70 while schools like K-State, KU, etc. If you have a subscription, please.Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading.Please purchase a subscription to continue reading.Your current subscription does not provide access to this content.A clear sky. The other three are non-grad transfers, and thus will need NCAA waivers to play for the Mountaineers during the 2020 season.Of the 25 Mountaineers produced during the Holgrosen era who were drafted by the NFL, three were transfers from four-year schools (Will Grier, Shaq Riddick and Charles Simms), while seven came to WVU from the junior college ranks (Trevon Wesco, Kyzir White, Rasul Douglas, Kevin White and Mark Glowinski).The sample size is still a bit limited with Brown, but so far he’s continued to rely heavily on transfers, though more of the four-year variety than the jucos.One thing that hasn’t changed is WVU’s dependency on transfer quarterbacks. He was the other late commit.Greg is working on an update for late scholsrships, but to my recollection we’ve had the number at two or three for a while now. Doege came to WVU from Bowling Green.Click here to stay informed and subscribe to.Transfers have long been a big part of West Virginia’s football program.From Joe Stydahar (Pitt) through Ade Dillon (Navy), Jeff Hostetler (Penn State), A.B. WVU, Pitt, PSU & Syracuse agreed too limit it to 30-35. What purpose does it serve? We knew Gamble may not make it because of grades. 15 LOI’s, 2 commits. If a school loses three players to the portal in a given year, they could then sign up to 28 the next year.Lee, I’ve often thought the same thing. My hope is that they don’t try to do anything with it for this season, the ’20 season. “The honesty of it is, I’m not sure if it matters what I think. The Mountaineers’ current 107-man roster features 15 who transferred to WVU from four-year colleges and 11 more who came from the junior colleges.

I wonder if the answer might be to give schools an extra scholarship for every player that enters the portal. Low 44F. Brown (Pitt) and Jake Kelchner (Notre Dame), some of the Mountaineers’ greatest players started their careers at another university.The rate of transfer, not only at WVU but throughout college athletics, has picked up in recent years.An NCAA study from 2018-19 (the most recent available) found that 4.6 percent of FBS rosters were made up of transfers from other four-year colleges and 10 percent were transfers from the junior college ranks.West Virginia relies on both versions of transfers at an even greater rate than others. Our junior class has decent numbers.

Did Thomas not make it? Transfer Portal 411. Will only get worse with the on÷ time immediate transfer rule.Another problem is putting an end date on transfers with immediate eligibility. Since then West Virginia has exclusively featured transfers as its starting quarterbacks – Clint Trickett (2013-14 from Florida State), Skyler Howard (2014-16 from Riverside City (California) College), Will Grier (2017-18 from Florida), and now both Jarret Doege (from Bowling Green) and Austin Kendall (from Oklahoma).Brown hasn’t indicated if he’s visits to the transfer portal will continue as frequently in the future as they have in the past, but as he tries to fill the Mountaineers’ upper classes, he’s definitely adding players who have prior college experience.You have permission to edit this article.WVU football: Mountaineers are frequenters of transfer portal,New West Virginia Land Trust preserve a Mammoth undertaking,Statehouse Beat: Artistic license: Justice and his big box of COVID crayons,ATV law brings more customers to off-road shops,Marshall football: Herd rides defense past No. This should accelerate under the proposed changes. We’re trying to get the grades right in each room.“Scottie Young [a fourth-year senior safety who has transferred to West Virginia from Arizona] is a great example. I think I have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen with the transfer rule. By. Holgorsen averaged just over five four-year transfers per class and seven junior college transfers.In the first two complete recruiting classes for Brown, he has shown more dependence on four-year transfers and less on jucos than Holgorsen. Home Football WVU Football Adds Second Arizona Transfer. The Mountaineers have gained far more talent from incoming transfers than they’ve lost from outgoing ones. It would seem that if a lot of teams are under the 85 number, that would not only hurt teams, but also players. Maybe it’s a 1 for 1. Under the college transfer policy, when a student-athlete informs a school that he wishes to transfer, that institution has two … The annual 25 hard cap had a purpose. This was before the portal and transfers became more prevalent.Butlereer, you are exactly right. WVU wasn’t the only one, as every SEC school seemed to oversign. It needs fixed.

We currently have a lot of seniors in that safety room, and if he redshirts, he can be a senior next year, and we don’t have a whole lot of experience coming back at the safety.”.The Mountaineers are currently bottom heavy in terms of their scholarships per class.