Actions involving the voice – speech and laughter – also have many descriptive alternatives (for alternative dialogue tags specifically, see this blog post).

Created by. swallow. an apple.To eat a light meal, or eat between main meals.She snacked on biscuits and sweets all day.The act of passing food from the mouth to the stomach.To take a small amount of food in the mouth and test it.He tasted the soup before he added more salt.To eat food quickly. Verbs show the action in a sentence.

Verbs English grammar lesson What will I learn from the lesson English language grammar verbs?

What is the definition of eat? ordinary.

Test. If you use the right verb, you will communicate more swiftly and effectively than if you choose the wrong one to start with – then try to patch the damage with yet more verbiage. Part of a collection of free grammar and writing …

Comment. Vivid verbs create a clear picture of what the subject is doing, while dull verbs give a general, vague view. Spell. vivid verb - eat.

).To go out to eat, usually to a restaurant.He was very hungry and ate everything up.He always makes a mess when he's plating up the food.He enthusiastically tucked in to his dinner. What is the meaning of eat? gobble. ).To eat or swallow food too quickly and in large amounts.To pass the tongue over food in order to taste or consume it.To chew food steadily, especially with a crunchy noise, such as when eating Rewrite the following paragraph using as many vivid verbs as you can. in lam-ang story. Instead of eat: Pick at, nibble, munch, chew, gobble, devour, consume, demolish, gulp, swallow, scarf, wolf. © Copyright Learn English Network - All Rights Reserved,To eat more than is good for you. ‘we ate a hearty breakfast and then set off’,, devour, ingest, partake of, gobble, gobble down, gobble up, gulp, gulp down, bolt, bolt down, wolf, wolf down, cram down, finish, finish off,, nosh, put away, pack away, tuck into, tuck away, scoff, scoff down, demolish, dispose of, make short work of, polish off, shovel down, get stuck into, stuff one's face with, stuff down, pig out on, sink, get outside of,, scarf down, scarf up, snarf, snarf down, snarf up, inhale,, partake of food, take food, consume food, feed,, lunch, dine, have breakfast, have lunch, have dinner, have supper,‘acidic water can eat away at concrete pipes’,, corrode, abrade, wear away, wear away at, wear down, wear through, gnaw away, gnaw away at, bite into, burn into, burn through, consume, dissolve, disintegrate, crumble, waste away, rot, decay,‘I stayed in London, eating my heart out for you’,, long, ache, brood, mope, fret, sigh, sorrow, suffer, bleed, yearn, agonize, weep and wail, regret someone's absence, regret someone's loss,, consume, devour, ingest, partake of, gobble, gobble down, gobble up, gulp, gulp down, bolt, bolt down, wolf, wolf down, cram down, finish, finish off,These Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In English.Does English Have More Words Than Any Other Language?Are You Learning English?

Bob yelled. So that’s a win. Start studying vivid verb - eat. State of being verbs.

Find more ways to say eat, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. That’s a perfect demonstration of how a good vivid verb can help fix an underpowered sentence. Grade 5 Verbs Worksheets - Our grade 5 verbs worksheets focus on topics related to verb tenses. Is it true to both men and women young and old alike?What are the effect of consistency and complexity on leisure travel?What is the conflict of Magnificence by Estrella D Alfon?What are the common character of the village people from the story biag ni lam-ang?BaKit mahalagang malaman ang lokasyon ng pilipinas sa mundo?What is the best title thesis for marine transportation student. READ DESCRIPTION FIRST OR YOU WILL HAVE MANY DERP MOMENTS IN THIS! By using vivid verbs, will help you avoid repeating the same (common) verb in your writing.

Same thing with the next sentence too. Point out the common character of the village people. Another word for eat.

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OK. A vivid verb is a verb that a reader will find more interesting and is more specific to the common, verbs we use all the time, like "walk". (Often followed by down. When I woke up that morning, everyone else in the house was gone. Synonyms for ‘to speak’ To prattle: A great word when you want to convey that a character talks a lot but says very little of value or interest.

... eat = gorge, nibble, gobble. PLAY.

(Often associated with eating Gravity.

932 Views. We cover the past, present and future perfect tenses and introduce the progressive tenses (also called the continuous tenses). "Are you sure you want to go in?" (Often something out of the