They will not apply on the mobile app unfortunately, since tumblr aims to reduce loading times of their app.To enable the custom theme for the mobile browser view, you need to go to the customization panel, and scroll down until you find this:Click on the bottom links “further options”. The themes below are ideal for writers, journalists, personal bloggers, professional bloggers and others wanting a simple blog style theme that’s mobile ready.With the world increasingly going mobile and people viewing the web on their iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones, it’s important…,didn’t realize the hot mess of this site on mobile web browser…here is a much more user friendly look.Update/Note: I wrote this tutorial back in 2011, so the design and screenhots are not up to date. I fucking love you, mo chara.To all the people that make headers, you guys are doing an amazing job, but can I request a little something?Could you please, when making headers with a white bottom part that blends into the blog, change that bottom part from white to transparent?It would allow people to use your headers while at the same time going for various background colors of their blog.with all the lurking on blogs that i’ve done, some people’s mobile blog themes are just beautiful and i aspire for mine to be like theirs.will y’all help me decide what to do for my mobile theme?you first edit your mobile theme, put the colors and everything and then you go to edit your desktop theme and you put on the description this:if it doesnt work like that, i edit my mobile theme on my mobile, i usually send my description to my gmail so i go there, copy and then paste it on the description on the mobile theme, lately i’ve been doing it like that :-),Ok but how fab does my new mobile theme look? bc way too god damn often I see people with “mobile links” in their bio and they don’t work bc they’re not fuckin doing it right…,Like for me, if I want to link to my FAQ in my bio and have it be accessible by mobile users, then “”,So please, if you want your mobile links to actually fucking be mobile links, stop linking to pages, that doesn’t work and idk why you think it would work just because you branded it “mobile links” and put it in your bio that’s not how it works.This is a collection of the best blog WordPress themes for bloggers with mobile friendly responsive designs. 4. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna.

(Regardless of whether you use it on a smartphone or a tablet - unless you really open their blog in a browser and get their their theme displayed. Remove the stash logo from your website by getting a,To remove the Stash logo from your theme you will need a.Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper. Let me know what you think?Just changed my avatar for the first time in 3 yearsish,i need one of those pretty scenery headers for my mobile theme someone direct me to where i can get some of those,How to add the mobile theme to your Tumblr blog.I'm not going to change my tumblr theme until November 1st.Dear Tumblrer's that dont have mobile themes:Changed my mobile theme. This clean theme keeps all eyes on your best work. Courtesy of the amazing and wonderful.Updated my mobile theme once again, I think it’s cute. 1. TUTC202 features a classic layout with uniform image sizes that brings harmony to your site. To do so, just head to your Tumblr blogs customize page and click the.You can leave Page Title empty, also you do not have to select the small box underneath it.Now we need the mobile theme code which is necessary. It’s all pink now, super happy with it. Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis.Aenean eu leo quam. ?changed my mobile theme , but watch me change it back in 0.5 seconds .Well, let’s start with the theme part. The theme is mobile-friendly, and the new version of the theme is ten times faster than the old version so that it will offer a great reading experience to your visitors.

It's like being on mobile, but not.