The Power Spread Offense Old School power football with the new school spread beauty. Auburn and Georgia square off Saturday so the winner may be the team that gets a platform to champion this style on the biggest stage.efined as offense that looks to spread the field in order to achieve the traditional aim of running downhill and then throwing over the top,development of ways to run counter from the spread,Georgia’s top defense relies on Roquan Smith,the play that devastated Florida in the cocktail party,As Iowa found against Ohio State last Saturday.How close to greatness is UCF’s spread-iso offense?Coaching overachievers and underachievers,Revisiting the 2010 college football season with advanced box scores.What does it mean to be balanced on offense?Revisiting the 2009 college football season with advanced box scores. Often credited to Tom Nugent, the exact creator of the I Form is unknown –but it has been a sucessfulformation at all levels of football for more than 60 … We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. I think this is one of the better plays in football and it can greatly increase your offensive production. The play still requires the use of an H-back though to serve as a lead blocker unless you want to run the play for the QB with the RB leading, and most teams don’t want to have to scrap the counter play or else feature their QB as the runner when they’re in a four-WR set.For these teams, it’s now popular to reach back in time to the traditional guard/tackle counter play and rely on a QB keeper-read on the backside DE to stop him from chasing the guard and tackle and stuffing the RB from behind.On this play OU even motioned their FB/H-back Dmitri Flowers out wide to lead on a tunnel screen option while running GT counter to the opposite end of the formation. Spread 13) explains the balance of where the 2 Back or 4 Back will line up. It’s become common everywhere though because it’s a great way for spread teams to handle DEs while freeing up their tackles and OL to block down at angles without needing a blocking H-back on the field.The other big one has been the toss-read and the accompanying counter play that Clemson made great use of in the playoffs, which are similar to the counter plays above.In the year 2017 the big trends have been the mainstreaming of the GT counter play from the spread and then the ascendancy of double teams with Iso and power football at places like Auburn and Georgia.With the infusion of QB reads and perimeter screens to run games across the country came a lot of adjustments to defenses in the form of personnel choices, particularly at middle linebacker.The correct adjustment for a smashmouth spread offense to teams manning the middle of the field with quicker athletes is, of course, to smash them.

as an offensive coach – to be able to install this play in your offense.

1.0.0 Version 1012 Download 3.37 MB File Size 1 File Count May 23, 2017 Create Date May 23, 2017 Last Updated Download FileActionThe-Complete-Spread-Offense-Volume-2-Mike-Emendorfer.pdfDownload Download The Sooners have championed the GT counter revival and built a considerable chunk of their offense around the play.

Chapter 1: Ask yourself these questions 1) Why do you want to run this play? That’s why I’ve written this eBook.

The Spread offense has received a reputation as being somewhat of a “finesse” attack. h�b```f``�d`c``�� Ȁ �,�@�!�cf2�/�~E�"�=��dMH\�b×��O�7�$:u-�r �A�����@��Ņ!�t%'�, Q�t[�LԄ 7^;�I�n(�۪h8! Of course Auburn also has a bubble screen attached as well to make it that much harder for Mississippi State to get enough defenders to the point of attack.Duo is a popular play with Michigan and teams that like to use big formations but the key is getting a double team at the point of attack so only one TE or H-back is necessary (usually the latter) in order to ensure that neither of the DL to the play side can make the stop.Georgia and Auburn are isolating opponents and then asking them to hold up against a combination like Isaiah Wynn+.There’s a good chance we’ll see this style in the College Football Playoffs this year and then we’ll see how it holds up in comparison to other systems around the country.