And angry because after all the mess we created – THAT is what he gave a shit about .I’m shaking my head in disbelief at my former self here. How did the affair evolve and what were some of the clues the wife could have seen? It starts with you.Learn about the author/therapist Dr Bob Huizenga's.I can honestly tell you his advice saved me.

If she’s crossing boundaries in an unprofessional way, it’s up to hr to deal with it. I would recap her sins to date, and tell him you are compelled to take further action. I’m addicted to it but it kind of keeps so much that I want to let go, front-of-mind, and sometimes I question if I’m hindering or helping my recovery!TH – you really didn’t offend me at all – you know that is why I’m here . Amazon / How I Met Your Mother. Same here. So many of his co-workers have said things like: “he adores you and makes it known” and “what’s the secret of your happy marriage?”) On the other hand, there have been several occasions in the past where any non-stable women in his work environment mis-read his personality. Your experience sounds really rough, so I doubt you would ever want to repeat it. A narcissistic person is not capable of sustaining a healthy marriage. That is the last two years of nightmare marital bliss. But, he is still a naturally likable guy and many women misread it.As for that woman who reported to you and was trying to get your husband’s attention. That’s exhausting. This is deplorable. I have thought about asking him to shut himself down, but that isn’t fair because he never does anything inappropriate and does not even engage in any kind of conversation that is R rated.

And then, when the cheating is finally uncovered, according to one recent study of women married to serial cheaters, many betrayed wives experience acute … She is no more than shit on the bottom of your shoe but always be aware there are many people out there just like her waiting to pounce. Time differences and post-update-delays conspired against me!I have copied and pasted your questions with answers below . I will say I have highly correct intuition about people and situations which has never proven me wrong.Hah- I have found that HR honchos rarely read or consider anything that is truly useful.

He’s learned to look past the flattery.LOL I hired a woman who tried a little too hard to impress my H. She turned on the charm with him, complimenting him on his clothes, making up meetings she had to have with him about FILING?? !First of all quit seeing yourself in a bad light and start seeing this self centered narcissistic jerk who used you to stroke his own tragic ego as a jerk. I am also angered that your body literally had to get that sick and he still would not come clean when he saw you vomiting your guts out. He has always kind of been a flirt when I take my youngest to see him, even though he is married. Total ignoring is needed, no socialing of any kind. ?So, my husband is charming like that, but with everyone, even if they are 90-year-old men who are wheelchair bound.

I walked out of his office and left the job later that day (we’d had to continue working together whilst I’d worked my notice – but we didn’t talk for 4 months and he’d been away in a recovery place for 5 weeks of that).Thanks for answering. To quote facebook, If you want to act single, be single.Exactly giz, don’t drag innocent bystanders down the destructive path, by trying to act single. He always assures me that he never singles anyone out for special treatment or even friendship and I believe it since I have corroborated it.It sounds like the best way to go about this is legalistically, like you suggested in keeping logs about everything and gathering data. Disclaimer: Dr. Bruce Kugler is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist providing his opinions to individuals posting questions on Quora which are not intended to diagnose, or treat individuals with psychological problems and/or disorders. If you wanted to call, you would hsve called.Definitely, I know, although they want to act single, they don’t want to be alone either. Heh heh.I have always told my h, watch how he talks to women, because they can take it as if he is interested in them. You might be too strong for them. Each time she says that, I suggest a one-to-one coffee for just us girls and suggest a time. Either way – his w would have found out the truth!Thank you for sharing those tips. I was new to the job and he was a tease and a flirt. And I don’t need people to fill me up. (Or that is how my husband describes it).I remember when my husband told me that story about her very recently. He preys on nice people because they are the last to see through the likes of him because nice people are courteous, trusting, and give the benefit of the doubt many times over. See more. I also like to be alone a lot, and have “solitary” interests, like reading, crafts, playing games , watching movies. If you puncture his sensitive sense of pride he may look for a way to compensate for that need to feel like the king of the household.Don’t be fooled. His fear of getting close is a reflection of his.Which of the red flag serial cheater traits does your spouse display?The repeat cheater just wants to eat dessert. Lolololl. Through some time I found out he was divorced and his ex and children lived several hundred miles away. If you dont want to see your AP , just say you ” can’t. He was probably crying and begging her like a little school girl not leave his sorry ass!OK huggggss to you and I will be raising my glass of Chablis to you tonight Eyes! He quit for two years, and I was very happy.

Why the hell not? He was the narcissist, you were only being human.Eyes, I do not see you in the same type of light as other ‘other women’.