The male characters listed below are the ones with birthdays between August 23rd and September 22nd that have the closest alignment with the traits of the Virgo that they were born under. That they are someone who is a straight A student in high school and gets a ride to college on a full scholarship. It is true that they are hardworking and analytical which generally lends well to school work or any kind of work for that matter, but they are also loyal and kind. He is able to use their skills to the best of his ability and can overcome any opponent. I hope that you will take a look into my top 5 anime so you can learn more about me. Daley Wong February 25 He is not motivated in any sort of academic nature. His other side is hidden inside the ring and is incredibly powerful, this individual is named Yami Bakura. The others are feminine teens, which I guess the same applies. While he is rather guarded about his past, he holds onto some resentment about the fate of his late mother. His loyal and reserved attitude earns him a top spot on our list.For Kakashi, patience is definitely a virtue that he possesses.

Also considering the fact that Reita is not incredibly smart, his help is more often a hindrance than anything. While he does attempt to help his friends in his own way, he mostly just gets in the way most of the time. While he is extremely powerful in his ninja abilities, he is humble about his powers. They are loyal and as timid and nervous as they can be, it is overshadowed by their kind nature. These traits land him a spot at the bottom of our list.Zeno may be a new character to us in the anime at this point. The traits of both allow Ryo Bakura a place on our list.Kakeru Naruse is a depressive individual. However, Virgos have many other traits that set them apart from the other zodiac signs. He is loyal but doesn’t want to cause any problems or concern the people that he hangs out with despite their apparent loyalty towards everyone in the group. The creators have confirmed that Yukito and Touya (both male) are a couple, which are stated to be in love within the series itself, with Yukita rejecting Sakura's feelings because he is in love with Touya. Zeno is interested in little other than food but his loyalty and kindness are extremely characteristic of the Virgo sign. These traits are present in all Virgos, but it is up to the individuals to decide whether they want to draw upon these traits to the best of their ability. Kakashi is loyal and practical. However, because of the power of the ring it is difficult to maintain an accurate view of the world. Vote to let the world know who you choose.Isaac Foster is far from a great person - he's actually a vicious serial killer. If I am not watching anime or reading manga, you will probably find me in my garden, playing the piano or writing. I hope that my articles will enlighten you and help you grow in knowledge of the anime community!Saiki Kusuo no Psi nan (The Disastrous Live of Saiki K.),Hiiro no Kakera (Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga),[Anime Astrology] Top 10 Anime Characters Whose Zodiac Sign is Virgo. Upon entering adulthood, he has a dull, lackluster personality that makes him sometimes fade into the background and when he shows his strength, he is that much more apparent. He is kind to his Sekirei and allows them to live their own lives and have their own personalities within his unwilling harem. It is important to balance their social and work lives to maintain the appropriate balance. The two presences have similar views though Yami is much stronger. However, wishing for a new season will certainly not allow us anything but unhappiness. Their success academically allows them to retain a lot of information and their shy nature allows them to be extremely observant. They also tend to be shy and hold themselves and others to high (and sometimes unrealistic) expectations which set them up for disappointment.Characters in anime also display the traits that align closely with the Virgo sign. If you like sweet, soft boys who love helping people, you probably have a major soft spot for Sora Kashiwagi of How To Keep A Mummy. Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man) Allen is a perfect definition of a charming, lovely, warm-hearted and generous boy despite all bad and cruel things happening around. Because most of the characters you mentioned started off as kids, and it's hard for male voice actors to do convincing young boy voices. His approach to situations and analytical thinking give him the upper hand against any opponent that he faces. He may not seem exceedingly hardworking but he is extremely loyal to Yona without needing to be convinced upon their first meeting. These traits allow him to earn a spot on the bottom of our list.Ryo Bakura has a split personality because of the Millennium Ring that he was entrusted to guard.

Despite these negative side effects, he will continue on a path that anyone would admire. He seeks to bear his feelings on his own without any help from his friends. The Most Hardcore Male Anime Characters OwilNic Updated June 14, 2019 186.1k votes 32k voters 645k views 30 items List Rules Vote up for your favorite male badass character Hello :) This is my first list about male.