17 Miami’s game against No. In the spread offense, there should be some contribution from the freshmen as well.
When Smith opens up his stride to chase down a deep ball, there aren’t many cornerbacks that will be able to run with him.The Hurricanes have two of the top prospects from South Florida committed in the 2021 class in Jacolby George and Romello Brinson. And it is about time they make this transition.The uptempo spread formation is designed to benefit speedsters, and as indicated below, there is quite the speed component in Miami’s group. Hope Mark’s injury isn’t too serious because he’s starting to become more comfortable out there.Pope dealt with injuries in 2019 which definitely slowed him down, and now with a clean bill of health, many are expecting the Miami native to become the Hurricanes go-to receiver. And considering this is a team that was shut out in their bowl game to Louisiana Tech and only had one receiver amass more than 40 receptions during the season, the new look is much needed.The coaching staff and style of offense will be the biggest new look on the field. And though scouting reports may not be bragging about his speed, his on-field quickness is an X-factor to his game. Digital provided by,2020 Miami Hurricanes Position Preview: Tight End.Season Ticket: It’s your time, Bam. Osborn was known as the hard-working leader in the unit, but was not known as the most naturally gifted athlete, and his make-it attitude is likely what led to being drafted ahead of Thomas.Thomas, on the other hand, only played in 10 games because he was suspended for two, but contributed 31 receptions for 379 yards and 3 TDs. ), Keyshawn Smith (Fr. LOUISVILLE — Miami Hurricanes redshirt freshman wide receiver Jeremiah Payton and tight end Larry Hodges are unavailable ahead of No. Smith is a very fluid route runner with great speed and good size and even though he was technically the last of the four freshman receivers to sign, many analysts consider him a steal that late in the process.great job I like the way your articles put together and I like how it was broke down simple to the point look forward to your next article…interested to see what you write about the offensive line which is not getting enough criticism they should be held accountable extremely this year,Michael Redding (Fr. Miami...After an unorthodox offseason, the NFL was finally back this past weekend. You.It should also be noted that Miami isn’t done recruiting the position. With quality height and track speed, Smith is the type of receiver that can make a play out of a screen pass, but also burn a defensive back deep downfield.Watching film on Miami’s WR they landed on Tuesday, Keyshawn Smith out of San Diego. There were reports that Payton was a problem (albeit a good one) while serving as a member of the scout team and coaches are very excited about him.

17 Miami’s game against No. 2020 Miami Hurricanes Position Preview: Wide Receiver. Miami HAS to get more out of the wide receiver position moving forward. ), Xavier Restrepo (Fr. We would project Pope to fill in at that spot—and do a nice job in that role.This group would have plenty of experience and talent to match-up with against Alabama.If the quarterback play is on point, they could do some damage against the Crimson Tide. 40 mins miami. Wiggins caught 20 passes for 335 yards last season to go along with four touchdowns.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOJM-zgce-o.Two of those touchdowns were of 50+ yards against Louisville and Florida State, so it should be interesting to see how much Wiggins grows this season, as he is probably the most talented receiver team right now and like all of Miami’s speedy receivers, he should thrive in OC Rhett Lashlee’s spread offense.Mike Harley is entering his senior season and has been steadily improving each year.