For most of their history, the Jets had white helmets with green … When this shading strategy is combined with the silver trimming of the logo, the overall effect is that of some sort of metal, perhaps signifying steely resolve or, more literally, a tough team to play against. Most strikingly, the components of the crest seem to be spilling out the sides of the roundel.Starting with the wordmark, the fact it now reads WINNIPEG JETS instead of JETS WINNIPEG is a definite improvement, while the typefaces for each word now appear to be the same – also good, with a more modern design, to boot. Once they reached the National Hockey League, they wore a stolen jersey template for an entire decade. A virtual museum of sports logos, uniforms and historical items. There’s no contrail through the letters. Winnipeg Jets Logo on Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net. The primary logo is a green football-shaped oval outlined in white, oriented horizontally, with the word "JETS" in thick, sans-serif italics positioned just below the horizontal axis with "NEW YORK" above it in smaller letters, and a miniature football graphic at bottom center partially covering the lower portion of the "E" and "T".The primary uniform consists of green jerseys with white numerals and white jerseys with green numerals, green and white pants, and green socks. That’s some excellent design, right there.These small, subtle elements take this logo from merely good to unquestionably timeless.It’s not without its faults, however. I don’t see much of anything, to be honest.To make matters worse, this lone wordmark isn’t backed up by anything on the shoulders, further isolating an already disappointing design.That’s actually a very nice touch. The “Jets” name seemed appropriate, given that Winnipeg is host to the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Canadian Forces Base Winnipeg. Not only are the two parts of the wordmark in two different typefaces, their arrangement leads the eye to read “JETS WINNIPEG.”.Next, the angling of the jet image almost makes it look more like a rocket ship than an airplane.But by far the most disappointing component of this redesigned logo is just that – that there’s only one logo.The new emblem looks spectacular on the white uniforms, but its blue background washes in with the blue backdrop of the Jets’ dark jerseys, minimising its overall effectiveness. The team’s official colors are Green, White. The National Football League (NFL)'s New York Jets began play in 1960 as the Titans of New York, a charter member of the American Football League(AFL). Their World Hockey Association days saw them change their uniforms nearly every single year. The noise, power and explosiveness of the jet, combined with the vivid imaginary of military planes engaged in combat, form an aggressive, energetic, overpowering brand perfect for the blindingly fast, excruciatingly tough sport of hockey.Wordmark logos are a tough sell at the best of times but, come on now, how on.The “J” is shaped in such a way as to represent a hockey stick, with the blade supporting an image of a hockey player in flight – just in case you forgot who plays the sport you’re watching.I don’t know exactly why, but the typeface as a whole bothers me. It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser in order to receive an optimal viewing experience. Jerseys: Mesh with screen printed name and numbers and V-neck. Over 2 million monthly readers now come to THW for their hockey fix.© The Hockey Writers 2018.

They’re constantly looking to get better, so that they may remain one of the best.Yes, Winnipeg’s had the occasional failure in the logo department. None of the design features of previous Jets wordmarks – the stand-alone crest as well as those embedded within the roundel designs – appear to have been incorporated. The use of light and dark, side by side, makes the crest look dark and subtly aggressive. It’s composed of a set of pilot wings (an aviator badge for you aeronautical aficionados – or, more specifically, given this is a Canadian team, an aircrew badge) backed by a pair of crossing hockey sticks, and fronted by a WINNIPEG JETS wordmark and a red maple leaf.There’s certainly a lot going on here, but I’m not quite sure what you’d take out.