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Ranbir is arrested by police but Akshay bails him out.Eventually, Ranbir wins the case with Kritika's help. After three months Tanuja's bandage gets open.

Bani tells Tanu and Ahana that Raj and Rano hate them and want Rishi to get married to Neha. Tanuja refuses but later she insists Abhishek to marry her for getting Natasha's custody and invites the Bedi family on her wedding.Rishi creates problems in the wedding. Ranbir develops feelings for Kritika and they become friends.Aayush's daughter Malishka drugs and tries to seduce Ranbir. Rishi returns to the Bedi house with Tanuja and they both decide to live together. Bani and Neha learn of it and are also shocked, but decide to use Tanuja's new face for their benefit. Rishi and Manpreet go to London to find Tanuja and Natasha.

‘Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki’ actress Pranitaa Pandit took to the internet by storm as she recently revealed her little princesses name.

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Tanu lies to Rishi that she is not Tanu and her name is Tanvi. Rano insults Bani. Keyword Suggestions.

Ranbir is a famous football player in.Believing that her husband Arun died, Malini is shocked to see him on news and reaches Mumbai with Kritika to track him down. Rishi donates his blood to save her. Katyani Bai, a,Eagerly, Tanu waits for Rishi to return. Rishi mistakenly gets kidnapped by Shekhar's goons but is saved by Tanuja. Neha and Bani are insulted.Neha lies to her boyfriend Sandeep Sikand a.k.a Sandy that Rishi molested her. Rishi clarifies he was drunk that night and remembered nothing. Tanuja realizes her mistake and apologises to him, and they reconcile.Netra, who had been following Rishi and Tanuja to the summer camp, gets furious to see them together and vows to kill them.

Rishi tells Tanuja to leave the house.

Kritika finds that Arun has married another woman Pammi.

Preeti mistakenly gives Tanu's photo to doctor for plastic surgery. After the truth is revealed Raj curses Neha that she will not be happy in her life. Boxer, he always flirts with girls. Sandy slaps Neha after learning of her plan. Netra at a restaurant overhears a conversation between her and Abhishek. Malishka tries to kill his family by burning down the house. Ranbir also arrives in Mumbai with his family for a football match.While Malini searches for Arun at a mall, a fire breaks out, with Kritika and Ranbir there. Sandy tries to shoot Rishi. Rishi wants to clarify the situation. Rishi and Tanuja consummate their marriage.

Ranbir expresses his love to Kritika but gets unconscious after a pillar falls.Kritika recalls her previous lives and awakens Ranbir to remind him, who also recognises her and they hug each other and unite, ending the series.Learn how and when to remove this template message,"What!

Rishi decides to marry Netra to obtain Natasha's custody. Netra misleads Tanuja to think they have been intimate. They call up Rishi and Tanuja to bring them together. Rishi's grandmother Preeti develops a bond with Tanuja. They are slowly getting close to each other.Later, Malaika learns that Tanuja is pregnant by other's child. Actually Tanuja is not pregnant Smiley is pregnant. Rano tells him that she is not Tanu but she is Tanuja and her face changed during plastic surgery. Rishi reads it and learns that Natasha is his daughter.On the night of Janmashtami Abhishek, Tanuja, and Natasha leave for London for Abhishek's business trip. Rishi decides to get Natasha's custody.

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