These lines define the shape of the object portrayed and are the outermost outline of the object.

1. ALPHABET OF LINE. Line is a mark made using a drawing tool or brush. Arrow indicates direction of view.8. Cartoon. Putting the Line types, Line weights and Line type scales together, we get the following Line type Definitions to use in our drawings. Having said this, section lines are used to depict a particular type of material. To terminate a feature on the drawing, after the clear definition of the feature extend, break lines can be used. Cartoons have a long history, dating back to print magazines in the 19th century when they … In Drawing Lines are with dark it is representing the actual image of drawing. Line can also create the illusion of form in a drawing. ; Horizon Line - Controls the height of the viewer's eye.This is most apparent in landscapes but can be applied to other subjects as well. Line is thin and dark.6. Horizontal Lines go side to side. Lines on mechanical engineering drawings.Technical Drawing Standards: Line Type Definitions. They are,Continuous Thin rule line with intermittent Zig Zag.Continuous Thick Lines are used to indicate visible outlines. Curvy Lines . I have amalgamated the definitions from the engineering drawing supplement and the construction drawing supplement together. CENTRE LINE – Long and short dash lines. Section Lines: Section lines or crosshatch lines distinguish between two separate parts that meet a given point. This type of line is called a contour line.

The cutting plane line is a .5 mm dashed line with arrows on the end to show where it slices through the material.Now living in Arizona, Les Moore has written reports of motorcycle races for "Cycle News" and "Midwest Motorcycling" since 1969. It is representing the actual image of drawing.Continuous Thin lines are used for the Dimensions line, Leader lines, Fictitious line, Hatching lines (Hatching lines when drafting of model drawing to show as a sectioning ) and also for the Imaginary intersection of surfaces, Revolved sections, Adjacent parts, Tangent bend lines and fold, When representing the circular section then thin lines are in center of the part.Continuous thin freehand lines are used in engineering drawing for showing sectional boundary lines on part and for Short break lines.Continuous Thin line with intermittent Zig Zag:This lines are to showing break in a long continuous series of lines on structural drawing and also indicating the break on an adjacent member to which a component is attached.Thin chain lines are indicating the Pitch line, Center lines, Developed views, path movement, material for remove and Features in front of a cutting plane.Medium dashed line used in electro technology drawings only for assemblies.Thick chain line is used to indicates the surfaces which must be comply with certain requirements such as heat treatment.Thin double dashed chain line used for the moving , tooling profiles and centroidal line and to indicate adjacent parts.#Types of lines used in Engineering Drawing,How to Calculate the Hole Tolerance and Shaft Tolerance with following the three pairs,Types of instruments required for align tests on Machine tools.

SECTION LINE – Medium lines drawn at 45 degrees use to show interior view of solid areas of cutting plane line.Tutor and Freelance Writer. SHORT AND LONG BREAK LINES –Short and long medium line use to show cutaway view of a long section.9. It is rich material, which allows you creating soft shadows and transitions, as well creating sharp, accurate lines. The 5 Types of Lines The 5 Types of Lines. In other words, indicating on a drawing, the sizes of the object and the other details essential for its construction and function using lines, numerals, symbols, notes, etc., is called dimensioning. A line drawing as a final work of art, typically does not capture all of the information of the object being drawn, instead it usually only captures one characteristic, either the interior or the exterior. … It is used to identify a hole as shown from the side. Object Line. You can then draw the line from left to right with your right hand. LEADER LINE – Medium line with arrowhead to show notes or label for size or special information about a feature.10. Lineweight - Used to describe the strength of a line, or how light or dark it appears on paper. Introduce the words horizontal (when a line runs side to side, like the horizon), vertical (when a line runs up and down) and diagonal (when a line runs on an angle). Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with Line types used in technical drawing are used for different purposes to provide specific information to the people looking at the drawing. An example would be a rod that is threaded on both ends.

Usually shows as medium thickness.5.