you use our web site. Her research now focusses on the growth and characterisation of hybrid perovskite single crystals. Between 235 and 285 the Roman Empire experienced great dislocation and distress. During her master studies, Anna focused on the synthesis and characterisation of novel, vacancy-ordered metal halide perovskites under the supervision of Prof. R. Lee Penn. While the second-century empire was perhaps less randomly governed and more 'bureaucratic' than is generally thought, its late antique counterpart was surely much less bureaucratized than is suggested by a deeply rooted tradition of studies. To strengthen the new regime a new legitimation of imperial power was devised: one that exploited a particular religious climate, while at the same time aiming to trace its roots in the Roman tradition. The vast majority of the texts collected together in the Digest of Justinian, compiled in the second quarter of the sixth century, date from this period; one half of the whole work is derived from the writings of just two Severan jurists, Ulpian and Paul. Alan Bowman: Yu-Hsien Chiang Alan's PhD focuses on trying to combine low band-gap perovskites with singlet fission materials. !We received an ERC Proof of Concept grant to move our new X-Ray detector technologies towards commercialisation.Ollie is a first yearPhD student researching the use of perovskites in low-light PV and photodetector applications. The Praetorian prefecture had extended its authority to cover matters of public order in Italy during the second century. The general character of Roman frontier deployment in the European provinces has long been known but only recently have there emerged detailed accounts of the eastern frontier between the Black Sea and the Red Sea.The Roman Empire's need to mobilize continuously and more exactingly than before its economic, financial and human resources in order to meet the demands of collective defence, entailed a strengthening of the administrative structure at all levels-central, provincial and local. Cult-places of several kinds are strongly in evidence from the end of the second century and a number remained in use until the fourth or fifth centuries.The rise of the Sassanians is better documented than subsequent history, but even so there are conflicting versions of the origin of Ardashir.
Anna received her BSc degree in Chemistry from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and her MSc degree in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, USA. Since Plotinus' attitude to conventional religion was misunderstood no less by his contemporaries than by modern scholars, it must be emphasized that he was recognized to be a focus of holiness, a holy man.

Alan Bowman Final year PhD Scholar in renewable energy technologies at the University of Cambridge Cambridge, United Kingdom 392 connections Iovius for Diocletian and Galerius, Herculius for Maximian and Constantius, epithets survived in the naming of new provincial divisions in Egypt some years after the end of the first tetrarchy.Constantine emerged as victor first over Maxentius at the battle of the Milvian Bridge in the late autumn of 312, and then over his erstwhile ally Licinius at Cibalae in 316 and Chrysopolis in 324; however, most of the surviving literature favours and justifies his success. As well as co-editing the volume, he also contributed the chapter on 'Provincial Administration and Taxation'. The prosperity of the towns often also has a sumptuary dimension, and bears witness to the structural imbalances in the Roman economy and society.