Misspellings in the e-mails were not corrected.Adam James should be dismissed, and his father, ESPN's Craig James, should simply apologize and shut up to keep from looking even more foolish for taking up for this worthless crybaby son of his.For the ramifications of this story to and find out how Leach is dealing with this (he has a law degree, you know). The player was ordered not to enter the closet, but did anyway just to take a funny photo. It's under oath by doctors, trainers, and players who were there, that Mike ordered [Adam] to be put away in dark, solitary confinement twice, punishing him for having a concussion. It's sort of like arguing that having a player drink water is a punishment for playing football when it's hot.Leach's new Washington State crew is practicing for 2012, and Craig James is throwing money at a doomed Senate race. "There are no alleged. "I did nothing more than support my son against a bully," James said. So whatevs.Craig James Calls Mike Leach A 'Bully,' Says Ironic Things,The Matrix Slide is one of baseball’s purest joys.The Matrix Slide Club is reserved for the purveyors of one of baseball’s most precious plays. ".Note how it's now "put" in a "dark, solitary confinement," rather than "locked in an electrical closet," which was the original story. Leach did indeed order James the younger to be put in a quiet, darkened place. Any parent I know would have done exactly what we did. Motivational speaker Adam James shares his story with an audience at the University of Florida in August 2015. I could tell you why I think Adam James is a spoiled, lazy, and attention-loving crybaby, but that would be just my opinion. That's Adam James' own version of events.Referring to it as punishment is also really something. Ever since the day he arrived on the Texas Tech campus you couldn’t help but to feel a negative energy from him. And anyone who doesn't understand that, I don't want their vote. To learn more or opt-out, read our,Craig James helped use his national media voice to get Mike Leach fired by Texas Tech for allegedly locking.A man used his power to take another man's job. Welcome, Tony Kemp.Brent Suter rolling off the mound like a confused armadillo is just what baseball needed.The Sutersault is real, and it’s spectacular.Josh Donaldson got ejected during his home run trot for being petty toward an umpire.Donaldson kicked dirt on home plate twice and gave us the funniest ejection of the MLB season.it's Mike Leach that's doing the bullying here,Mike Leach fails in legal battle over firing at Texas Tech,Why Mike Leach is angry about Texas Tech and sovereign immunity,Craig James Calls Mike Leach A 'Bully,' Says Ironic Things,Mike Leach's Appeal Against Texas Tech Denied By State Supreme Court,2007: The inside story of the greatest CFB season ever,The all-time ‘consensus’ national championships list,The evolutionary history of option football. Craig James helped use his national media voice to get Mike Leach fired by Texas Tech for allegedly locking Adam James in an electrical closet. All we did was support our kid. Why not read the e-mails supporting coach Mike Leach from people inside the Texas Tech Nation and decide for yourself?These e-mails are courtesy of CBSSports.com, a Bleacher Report partner. "It was a bully act what he did, an evil act against Adam, he didn't do it just once, but twice. Latest on Texas Tech Red Raiders defensive back Adam Beck including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN The alternative was to have him walk around the bright practice field with a concussion. "All of these other things you've heard are lies and distractions about what a man did to a fellow human being. Texas Tech controversy.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. He wronged someone. Leach allegedly had Adam twice stand in a shed for two hours during practice. James' son, Adam, was the center of the controversy that resulted in Texas Tech suspending, and later firing, head football coach Mike Leach shortly before the 2010 Alamo Bowl. Adam James was a teammate of mine from 2006-2009. Adam James has … So, of course.