Kokila learns about the same.Ahem and Gopi promise Kokila that they will be staying together, henceforth. Radha informs Rashi and Urmila that she has exchanged the laddoos.

The Modi family welcomes Meera into the family.

Gauri thanks Ahem.Kokila becomes furious at Sahir for not performing well in the exam.

However, Jigar manages the situation. He advises Gopi to take care of Gauri. Rashi follows Kokila in a scooter. Rashi becomes upset on learning that Kokila is searching for a groom for her. Kokila refuses to take medicines. The Modi family decides to find out the truth from the priest of the temple. Parag becomes depressed about Kokila. Tripti advises Radha to send Gauri out of the Modi Bhavan. Rashi leaves the Modi Bhavan after an argument with Hetal. Gopi informs Radha that she will not give Vidya's custody to her. Gopi decides to send the children to a boot camp.

Radha tries to replace Kokila's medicine, but in vain.Rashi accuses Radha of replacing Kokila's medicines.

Kokila finds the Modi family in the children's room. Radha becomes worried about the same. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya is the story of a saas-bahu relationship retold through a young and simple girl's point of view, whose name is Gopi. Ahem and Kokila become enraged at Gopi. Kokila and Ahem allow Gopi to stay in the Modi Bhavan. Gopi gets a cold response from the calss student. Kokila becomes furious at Sahir, and beats him. The children play a trick on Gopi and Ahem. Kokila and Ahem learn that the laddoos were spiked with bhang. Everyone is at the dining table and starts with the dinner. Kokila humiliates Hetal. The Modi family tries to mislead Kokila. Kokila becomes furious on seeing Jigar, along with the Modi family. Rashi finds herself locked in a trunk, and becomes unconscious. Kokila fails to recognise Gopi. Urmila's family becomes worried about the unconscious police officer. Rashi learns that Gauri is Meera, and informs Gopi about the same. Similarly, she then paints a stroke of Sindoor on another paper and presses her face onto it to round up her makeup look.In addition to that, she then decided to jump into the washing machine to wash her clothes. Gauri tries to persuade Ahem to forgive Gopi. Urmila becomes furious at the children for their mischief. She doesn't want Aham to turn into a couch potato like his father. Rashi becomes depressed about Kokila.

Ahem and Gopi have an argument with each other. Ahem comforts Gauri. Jigar suggests to send Gopi to a school, Kokila agrees and tells in front of everyone that she will send Gopi to school only to make her realize that she cannot study at this age. Hetal stops Kokila from sending Ahem and Gopi out of the Modi Bhavan. Ahem rescues a boy from falling off a balcony. Radha pretends to be sad in front of Ahem. Hetal requests Kokila not to send Rashi out of the Modi Bhavan.

She learns that Ahem's paintball gun has been tampered. Urmila instigates Rashi against Hetal. Rashi informs Urmila that she has decided to reunite Gopi and Ahem. Dhaval learns that the police who confronted him were fake. Samar, Sahir and Vidya notice that Kokila has added naphthalene balls instead of sugar cubes to her tea, and inform the same to Gopi.Gopi stops Kokila from drinking the tea.

Urmila and Kinjal decide to speak to the police, and resolve the issue. Radha succeeds in misleading Kokila about Baa and Rashi. Kokila consoles the children. Jigar informs his family that Ahem has found Kokila. Radha informs Tripti that the children of the Modi family are going to a camp. Urmila and Kinjal have an argument with each other.