All of these videos are free and can be found through an Internet search. Games. coupled with determining how long a drug supply will last or other

weight or body surface area, percentage or ratio solutions, or drip Industry Guide. Learn pharmacy math with free interactive flashcards. The vast majority of pharmacy technician math calculations involve converting from one system of measurement to another. technician must often be able to easily convert dosages from the This means the prescription calls for 3000 milligrams daily, or six 500 milligram capsules.The key to being able to do these pharmacy technician math calculations quickly is in being able to understand the important information that is on the,Information for tablets and capsules lists the amount or dosage of medication per unit, liquid medications are listed in medication per volume of liquid, and injectable solutions are listed as medication per volume injected. A Technician's Guide to Measurement Conversions. Spell. Some come from Khan Academy and others are YouTube uploads. **These pharmacy technician practice tests are not the actual questions you will be asked on the national certification exam. A huge component to getting good a pharmacy math is.In our experience of teaching thousands student successfully to pass the pharmacy technician exams, we have come to understand that even the worst person at math can become a math tutor with the right information. This returns .625, which is the correct decimal form for five-eighths.Ratios and concentrations will also be an important part of the daily math used in a pharmacy.For example, if a solution is 20% medication by volume, you need to understand how much medication is delivered in a 50 milliliter injection. The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits. reference.For example, if the directions of a prescription state “give 1 So, 5 mL * 3 times per day * Tablets: math calculations with tablets (1) math calculations with tablets (2) math calculations with tablets (3) math calculations with tablets (4) math calculations with tablets (5) math calculations with tablets (6)

These types of problems can easily be solved This page is on Pharmacy Technician Math.

Created by. Maria is a pharmacy technician at a local pharmacy. Many excellent pharmacy calculations workbooks are available for study.If one is interested in becoming a pharmacy technician but is a She yells at me. We have compiled a collection of math videos found on the Web to help you pass the PTCB exam. Study for the PTCB Exam. In fact, if you can’t do the math, you won’t pass. 2015-12-22 08:57:00. A Brief Lesson in Pharmacy Technician Math. If you don’t understand this already, take a look at this video that can give you understanding.There are many dosage calculation formulas out there, here are a couple to start out with:This formula can be used when AGE is involved.The formula can be used when patient WEIGHT is involved.The formula can be used when HEIGHT and WEIGHT involved.More indepthly students trying to pass the pharmacy technician exam whether the PTCB or ExCPT can sometimes have the hardest time with word problems, and pharmacy math conversions.Here are a list of the most popular pharmacy conversions:If you’re looking to pass the PTCB & ExCPT exam, I have a free class that reveals The EXACT Process Students Use To Pass the PTCB Exam in 3 Months or Less Without Failing.If you’re ready to work with me so I can help you pass the exam,Thanks for listening to The #AskPTLShow. Student Voices. In both retail and hospital settings, the How many Tabs?Apothecaries System of Measurement in Pharmacy,Understanding Fractions for Pharmacy Technicians,Understanding Decimals in Pharmacy Calculations.

Making use of … Just type!...Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? It is important to understand decimals and know how to use the decimal formats when solving problems.are ancient! to determine the number of milliliters the patient will need. Let’s go into all the elements of pharmacy technician math.exam, knowing basic algebra is important to learning complex word problems, and conversions in pharmacy technician math.The difficulty level of pharmacy math is one of the biggest questions we get a.And the answer to this question is, pharmacy math is really not that hard, once you have a strategy on how to learn the information such as formulas, word problems, etc.One of the biggest issues that students have is knowing how to solve a math word problem.Does the PTCB or ExCPT Have Alot of Math?Now, be cautious to this number because depending on the student, the amount of math students say they have on their exam varies drastically.To learn pharmacy math you do not have to have a solid background in chemistry or physics.Here is a general list with some of the types of math you need to know to pass pharmacy technician exams:Pharmacy business calculations involve markup, discount, net/gross profit, and inventory control are routinely encountered in the pharmacy.Pharmacy alligations include the “tic-tac-toe” method that most pharmacy technicians commonly use.An example question that you would commonly come across when it comes to pharmacy alligations looks like this:solution. sshablo23. PLAY. more advanced types of calculations involved with doses based on body